padlockXTRF Secure Files Storage

Use this form to encrypt sensitive files before passing it to XTRF specialist.
The data is encrypted in your browser and securely stored on our servers.

This will be used to identify your request and group all your files.

The files will be encrypted before upload. Size limit is 5 MB per file.

Thanks to the advancement of JavaScript, we have implemented OpenPGP RSA-based encryption scheme allowing you to enter a secret, encrypt it via public-private key pair and transport, in encrypted form, to our server. This way nobody else but the owner of corresponding private key, held securely by our administrators, can read your credentials. Our private key is encrypted and held on a different server than your encrypted secret. Having strong separation between different security components makes this tool resistant to brute force attacks, data leaks and human errors.

You do not need to install any external tool, nor gain expertise in cryptography, your browser does this for you and your secret never leaves your computer unencrypted. RSA 4096 bit is more than enough for the next decade.